Miss Gough’s Concert

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The provision of community facilities has always been a challenge

for small rural communities like Ubobo.  The burden of fundraising has inevitably fallen on locals who band together to raise funds.  1928 was no different. Over the previous eight years Ubobo had grown steadily. The first soldier settlers had arrived in 1920 and a small township with provisions for a school, sports ground and police reserve had been surveyed by Jim Murray on the western side of the railway line. This was extended to include a row of houses  on the eastern side in 1924.

By 1928 the need for a community hall was obvious.   Until this time functions had been held in Nicholas Hellen’s railway  siding  three kilometres further south across Ridler Creek.   In spite of Mr Hellen’s generosity in making this  building available for such events it was too small for the growing community’s needs and a target was set of having a Memorial Hall built in Ubobo in time for the 1928 Remembrance Day service in November.

Newspapers throughout the year reported the many fund raising efforts undertaken by the community.  This report in the Morning Bulletin on June 11, 1928 gave a glowing report of one such fund raising event,  Miss Gough’s Concert (excerpt from 1928 Morning Bulletin), a concert organised by Miss Gough the Head Teacher of Ubobo State School who boarded with the Hellen family.

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