Bluegum Stump

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Clyde Rickart standing in front of huge stump with crosscut saw

In 1946 E.A. Rose and Clyde Rickert were employed to cut this tree down. The pay for the job was ten shillings ($1) each.

The photo shows Clyde at the stump (circa late 1970’s), with the saw used. The garage was not there when the tree was cut down.

The tree was cut on springboards (the notches on the tree are where the springboards were set in). Clyde supplied the photo and information.

It was a lot of work to saw a tree down like this, so cutters made sure they were past any faulty timber which was likely to be in the butt. Not many years later chainsaws came into use. The very first cutters to use them had to contend with very heavy, arkward saws, but they made a lot of money as the cutting rates were set at a level consistent with what a man could cut in a day with a crosscut. It didn’t take the sawmills long to reduce these rates.

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